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    Default Independent Contractor Suspended from Additional Work Pending Medical Clearance

    My question involves independent contractors in the state of: virginia

    I was hired by an independant contractor, which i became an IC under the company. we receive pay every two weeks. the company changes rules without notification, i was taken out of work for two days from hospital. i gave job my return to work note from hospital. i have contacted job throughout the two days being off and was not told i had to be evaluated from primary doctor before returning to work. i returned to work on the expected day and was told i could not come back until i went to the doctor. i have had numerous sergeries and returned to work the same day or day after and have never been asked for a doctors note. now its time to pay me for hours worked before i left and employer refuses to pay me with so many of unknown excuses. how can i get my pay??

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    Default Re: Client Isn't Paying the Independent Contractor

    Small claims court.

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