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    Default When Does a Landlord Have to Repair Your Air Conditioner

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    I am a renter in CA and recently requested that that my window A/C unit be looked at as the check filter light would not go off. They sent someone out to look at it, and thats what he basically did, he just looked at it and pressed a few buttons to turn off the light. I got a bill today from property management that they are charing me half of this bill. Can they do this, as I'm just a renter? What are CA laws regarding fixing window a/c units?

    Thank you!!

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    Default Re: California Law for Air Conditioner Unit Repair

    does your lease say anything to who pays for maintenance of anything? Was there a reason given for you being charged 1/2 of the bill?

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    Default Re: California Law for Air Conditioner Unit Repair

    It doesn't explicitly state anything in the lease regarding maintenance. All my lease states is "Resident shall pay Owner/Agent for costs to repair, replace or rebuild any portion of the premises damaged by the resident, residents guest or invitees." The thing is, we didn't damage the a/c unit. Also, in another part of our lease under Mold Notification Addendum, it states that the "Resident agrees to notify the Owner/Agent of any problems with the air conditioner or heating systems that are discovered by the Resident." With that said, this is exactly what I did, I notified my property management of the problem with my window a/c unit and now I'm being charged.

    The letter from prop management stated that the description of charge : Maintenance Reimbursement, Labor-Checked wall a/c unit. Unit is working at this time. Ambient temperature to cold to properly check a/c unit. Possible T-stat problem.

    If the maintenance guy who checked our a/c unit indicated that he checked it and that the unit is working at this time, how can I be charged for a maintenance repair that clearly I didn't cause (as even the maintenance guy indicated that the a/c unit IS working at this time?

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    Default Re: California Law for Air Conditioner Unit Repair

    It doesn't appear they have a reason to charge you anything. I would contest the charge with them and ask them the reason you are being charged anything at all.

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