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    Default Breaking Lease, Owner Denied Potential Renters

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Illinois

    My fiance and I bought a home (closed March 1st), let our land lord know we were moving (January 19th, and confirmed with him our move out date on Jan 31st) and he said that he was OK with it as long as someone was found to rent the place.

    A woman I work with said she would finish out our lease (we moved out March 1st, our contract is through June 1st)

    We contact our landlord and he said he would rather no sublet the place instead he wanted to find someone for a new full year contract.

    He posted an AD on craigslist with the price of the rental 140$ more than we are paying for rent (posted it for 1400$ when we are paying 1260)

    We put up signs in our neighborhood to assist with the search, since that time, he has not found a person that has "ideal" credit and he said he lower the price on the AD, however we have checked numerous times on craigslist and for the past 2 weeks have not seen an AD for our place up. At this point other than the sign we put up there is no other action attempted, and he denied a potential renter (the woman I work with, with good credit and able to pay).

    We really don't want to get him upset, however with our mortgage payments now coming, we are so frustrated and feel though we have given proper time and assistance in finding a new renter.
    We have even offered to pay some of the first month's rent for the new tenant

    Concerned New home owner

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    Default Re: Breaking Lease, Owner Denied Potential Renters

    Unfortunately, you don't get to choose the new tenant; the landlord does. Running your co-workers credit history (many landlords do this) may have found some issues that show she is, perhaps, not the good credit risk that you believe she is and this may be the reason your landlord has chosen not to accept her as the tenant.

    While the landlord must make a "good faith" effort to rerent the unit after you vacate it, there may be other advertising avenues he is using other than craigslist. Generally, a court will allow a landlord two months "leeway" to rerent a unit after a tenant breaks a lease.


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