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    Default Ending a newspaper delivery contract


    last month I was out of work, and decided to try a paper route. I signed up for one, and delivered papers for 2 days. After the second day, I received a great job offer, and could no longer deliver the paper.

    I called the district manager, and she says that I signed a contract, and agreed to a 30 day notice, and that I would be charged 50 dollars a day for evey day left in my contract that I refused to deliver the paper.

    What I am trying to do is get out of this contract and not be stuck paying up to 1500 dollars in fees.

    Here are a few thoughts I have as possibilities:

    1: while I do not have a copy of the contract, I remember that the manager added the $50 per day clause to the contract with her ink pen. maybe I can claim that this was not added until after I signed???

    2: contract is not notarized

    3: I feel that the conditions of this "independant contractor" gig was too close to employment in that they controlled where you deliver, when you deliver, and give you the supplies to deliver, and even deduct from your pay if a customer complains.

    4: although not in writing, I feel she was misleading about the contract. she stated that I could try it out for a little while, she stated that it would take less time than it actually does, and she overstated the profit potential.

    Ohh, what a tangled web we weave when we sign stupid contracts.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks, Joe

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    Default Re: newspaper contract

    Tell her you have no money but that if she feels she wants to spend her money and her time trying to get blood out of a turnip, then just go right ahead and sue you.

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