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    Question Registered Level 2 Sex Offender Being Around Children

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: New York

    In the State of New York, Can A level 2 registered sex offender who is no longer on parole be around children, or be involved with a person that has children?
    The offense did not happen in New York State.

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    Default Re: Registered Level 2 Sex Offender Being Around Children

    Should we infer that the victim was a child?

    Depending on the facts, if the custodial parent brings a child sex offender into the home, the NCP may be able to get custody modified.

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    Default Re: Registered Level 2 Sex Offender Being Around Children

    Yes the child was his 9 yr old daughter, This offense happened in the late 80's, This man is involved with a female that is 31 yrs younger then he is, She tends to babysit children, He was seen last week holding a baby between the ages of 4-6 months (female with them) I find this disgusting and disturbing that he can be allowed to be around children and then to be holding a child in his arms.

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    Default Re: Registered Level 2 Sex Offender Being Around Children

    As a level 2 offender, he's required to be registered for life. But being required to register doesn't automatically mean he can't be around children - it only means that the community has a passive right to access that information about him. Restrictions on his movement and who he can associate with is more of a function of his period of probation, so if he's clear of his probation, he shouldn't have additional restrictions for things like who he can socialize around (there will always be restrictions on OTHER aspects of his life, such as types of employment he can accept, etc.).

    If you're concerned that he's somehow outside the terms of his probation or in violation of the law, contact law enforcement. They get paid to check out things like this and make sure everything is on the up and up. They're not going to care about him holding his OWN child, but if he's living with someone who makes part of their living caring for the children of OTHERS, they'll want to make sure that the CARETAKER is following any restrictions.

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