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    Default When Will Insurance Cover an Excluded Driver

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Florida

    I bought my first car a month ago after saving up for the past two years of my college life and I have been taking care of the car as much as possible. I got into an accident with a vehicle driven by a driver excluded from the insurance and it was the other driver's fault (investigated by the police). I claimed through my insurance company and they asked me to report it to the other driver's insurance company as well and I did. After their initial investigation, they told me that there is a 50/50 chance that they would cover for the damages to my car since the driver was excluded. . I brought it to the at fault driver's insurance company today and they looked at the car and told me that they would send me an estimate for the fix but the case has not yet been approved for payment. My question is, what are the chances that they would pay for it and why on earth would I have to go through all this when I am not at fault? Also, if I sue the driver for this, what are the chances that I would get the payment for the fix?

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    Default Re: Will the Auto Insurance Cover for the Damage

    In order for your insurance to cover it, you would need uninsured/underinsured coverage for damages to your car.

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    Default Re: Will the Auto Insurance Cover for the Damage

    Do you not have collision coverage on your own car? You should be able to just make a claim against for collision coverage and let your company subrogate. If you have liability only, then you are stuck with whatever the other company decides. Does the person that hit you have money? If you sue and win, but he/she doesn't have any money, then you probably aren't going to get paid.

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