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    Exclamation Rear Ending While Being Rear Ended

    My question involves an accident in the state of Maine. I was at a red light today and a black car behind me rear ended me, driving me into the car ahead of me. The black car behind me did not stop, they went around us both and took off, unfortuanately it happened so fast, that none of us got a license plate number. We all pulled into a gas station, right near the intersection the lady took my info but wouldn't really give me hers, she only had a ding on her bumper, a small black mark, I tried to get her to wait for the police to get there but she left instead claiming her and her two compaions had somewhere to be. I waited for the cop and gave him all my info he gave me a report number. My question is can she try to make a claim if she didn't wait for the cop like I asked? Will it charge my insurance or do we each pay our own where someone else hit me and drove me into her? Im only 21 and could really use some advice, im stressing and cant afford higher insurance rates. (There was clear damage to my back bumper and front prooving I was hit from behind.

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    Can she try to make a claim? Of course she can. She can try to claim anything she wants…but, it aint going to fly.

    The physical evidence should be sufficiently clear to show the collision happened as you describe. Did the officer assign fault in his report? Generally, whoever is listed as “Vehicle 1” in the collision report is who the officer believes was at fault. From what you describe, the vehicle who rear-ended you is liable for damage to both your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Both of the other drivers could be charged with hit and run. Did you get the license plate or name of the driver in front of you and give that to the police?

    The reality is, however, that you didn’t get any information that would allow either the police or your insurance company to track down the at fault driver. So, both you and the driver in front of you are going to be stuck paying for the damage to your own vehicles…either through an uninsured driver clause in your own insurance policy or out of pocket. But, no, you don’t need to worry about the driver in front of you coming after you.
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