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    Default Minor Caught with Marijuana in the State of Ohio

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio

    Okay, so I'm 17 and was just recently caught with 6 grams of marijuana as well as marijuana paraphernalia ( an apple). I'm being charged with possession, paraphernalia, unruly (smoked in moms house), and obstruction of justice. From what I've read and understand, possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana in the state of Ohio is a minor misdemeanor, punishable by a small fine of $100. And paraphernalia was also Decriminalized last September to only a minor misdemeanor. The police were being very rude and unprofessional. They were cussing at me telling me "I'm already tired of your bullshit" and "if you were my kid I'd beat your ass." I hid the weed so I got charged with obstruction of justice and was being told "if a kid ever got a hold of that and died you're going to be charged with murder." So when they found it they gave me a court date. A fine was not even mentioned and now I have a court date and I'm worried I'm going to jail. Is what they did legal? I don't think they even know the law because when I tried telling them it was Decriminalized they told me to shut up and I didn't know anything. What am I to do? I'm worried.

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    Default Re: Minor Caught with Marijuana in the State of Ohio

    Ok, this is rich! A 17 y/o pothead telling the cops “I don’t think they even know the law.” Guess what, kid, they were right…you apparently don’t “know anything.”

    I’m not going to do your homework for you and look up the marijuana laws in OH. But, let me enlighten you a bit. A misdemeanor, even a “minor” one, is still a criminal offense. If it is a misdemeanor, it is not “decriminalized.” AND, you are charged with more than just a bit of pot and paraphernalia. Your belligerent, disrespectful, obstructive, and insulting behavior also got you charged with unruly conduct (however that is defined in OH) and obstruction of justice! Were those “decriminalized” last September, too? I think not. Maybe that is why you got a court date and “a fine was not even mentioned.” I’m actually surprised that they didn’t haul your snotty butt off to juvi. If you hadn’t acted like such a little punk…actually shown some responsibility for your actions instead of trying to piss on the officer’s trouser cuffs…maybe you would just be looking at that “small fine of $100” or maybe even gotten off with just a stern lecture. But, no, you had to show your a$$.

    Like I said, I’m not going to research OH marijuana law for you. I’m sure you can use Google. But, I will say this, I’m from Washington. Washington is now more permissive of marijuana than any other state in the country. From what I understand, even Colorado (who also legalized recreational use recently) is more strict than Washington. But, even here in Washington, it is still a criminal offense for anyone under 21 to possess marijuana or paraphernalia.

    So, I think you have a reason to be worried. As to “What am I to do?”…Well, my best advice is for you to leave that ‘tude you had with the cops at home when you go to court and see the judge. Be prepared to show some humility, respect, and contrition…if you even know how.
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