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    Default Pretrial Diversion Texas

    This is the second plea the prosecution has submitted to my husband on a 3degree Felony, which I posted a thread in child abuse, my daughter accused father of beating her when he spanked her, history of mental illness, she is the one abusive to the family.

    Anyways, our lawyer says our case is strong for trial and the prosecution does not want to take to trial afriad to lose. So the offered to my husband the pretrial diversion. They said that way it would be dismissed and not on his record and he could still continue is EMT and volunteer fire fighting.

    I don't know what to think about this? It sounds fishy too me.


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    Default Re: Pretrial Diversion Texas

    A diversion program can be an excellent way to resolve a charge without a conviction. I am assuming your husband has a lawyer representing him - he should discuss the plea offer with his lawyer and, while ultimately making his own decision, carefully consider his lawyer's advice.

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