My question involves business law in the state of: Colorado

I was hired as an independent contractor, and treated like an employee (I did not provide equipment, was given hours to work, and did not personally deal with finances). My contract stated that clients of the establishment shall stay the clients of the establishment, and I cannot "service" these clients at a new location until six months after my contract has ended, which is when I left, so I wasn't under contract for six months. The wording is very contradicting to me.

My question now is; can I be sued for letting my clients know, after I left, that I am at a new location when I was an independent contractor not an employee? They are allegedly suing to revoke my license, which I don't think is possible. They stated to me amidst my departure that they would have waited until they had 100% clientele before leaving. This gave me further confusion as far as their stance on me notifying my clients I left.

I want to know if they can actually sue me, based on these facts. Thank you.