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    Default Can You Be Arrested Over a Car Repossession

    My son is having difficulties paying his auto loan. The repo man had called me threatening to have my son arrested if he doesn't turn in the car. The loan was written in Maine, but he's now in Florida. He is in another state and I can't reach him. Can he really be arrested?

    Also, can they be telling me everything about the loan and all the legal actions they are going to take against him, what about the great "Privacy Act". I didn't so-sign and have nothing to do with the loan. I have given them his cell number, which has been disconnected. They want names of other family member who might be able to reach him, I didn't give out that information. They continually call, what are my rights?

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    Default Re: Car Repossession

    Some states criminalize intentionally hiding a car from repossession.

    If you don't want to talk to the collection agency, instruct them to stop calling you.

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