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    Default Licensed, Insured Car Towed as 'Abandoned'

    We had a 94 Geo Tracker in Maryland, City of Cumberland that was involved in an accident. The vehicle had the driver's side smashed in, bent frame rail and broken tie rods. We had this vehicle towed to our house and parked it on our street with the intention of "parting out" the car.

    The vehicle was still registered and insured, however was not driveable. Due to the parking situation in our neighborhood (on street) and the fact that our family has 6 other vehicles. We generally park one vehicle in front of our house (out of courtesy to our neighbors) and park the other vehicles on 2 of the various side streets adjacent to ours.

    We have new neighbors who live 2 doors down who amoung other things including drug use in a fairly decent neighborhood are the only people around who do not have the decency to participate in mutual cooperation that we have in the area to deal with the limited parking. We have taken issue about this with them and have started somewhat of a feud.

    The situation is, the Geo Tracker that was in an accident, that we had parked on the side street was reported "annonoymously" as an abandoned vehicle. The police dispatch left a message on our answering machine threatening to tow the vehicle. This message was unreturned as my mother who owns the vehicle was at work during the time the call was made. I work nights and was sleeping, later that night we realized that the Tracker was gone and had been towed. We were under the impression that police would have to give 24 hours notice. It is understandable that the vehicle is in no condition to be driven, however was parked on a public street. The police officer told my mother the caller had reported that it was abandoned for over a month (in truth, it was only there about a week).

    The man who lives in the house closest to where the Tracker was parked (who is also a certified auto mechanic). I asked him if it was he who called and reported the vehicle (which I knew it wasnt him, I just wanted to confirm, as I said, we are pretty sure it was the new neighbors). He told me if he had a problem with the car being there, he would have told me about it rather than report it to the police.

    I was informed by this person (the mechanic) that the police had no right to tow the vehicle to begin with. The fact that it had severe body damage was irrelevant because the vehicle was both registered and insured and parked on a public street at the time of the tow. If this is true, what is the legal recourse to deal with this matter?

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    Default Re: Illegal Tow?

    According to the Maryland Code, Transportation, Abandoned Vehicles, 25-201 - Definitions, a vehicle "That is inoperable and left unattended on public property for more than 48 hours" falls under the definition of "abandoned".

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    Default Re: Licensed, Insured Car Towed as 'Abandoned'

    What about giving notice of intention to tow?

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