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    Default Going to Trial Without an Attorney in a Custody Case

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: California with a move away order to North Carolina.

    I am the non-custodial mother in Ohio. My ex-husband and I moved from California to Ohio but after a couple of weeks he took our daughter and went back to California. He immediately filed for divorce and full custody. Long story short - his paternal grandparents were joined and primary custodians. 4/12 years later, our daughter is now 7 1/2 years old the Court assessor has recommended that I receive full custody in Ohio and the grandparents be removed from the case. Basic reason - I am the better parent to facilitate relationships between our families. Of course, father did not accept agreement, and has hired an attorney and we are going to trial.

    We will now have a judge who knows nothing about our case and I cannot afford an attorney. I have shouldered all travel costs from the two states for years, which requires three full round trip tickets per trip, in order to prove that I cared about my daughter. I cannot move - he is an abusers but uses words, control, and other means which leave no marks. My parents and siblings are in Ohio and I have a decent job. I have no wish to re-locate to California.

    I'm looking for what to expect at trial and how to prepare. I've already received request from his attorney to provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of some of my friends.

    thank you kindly,

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    Default Re: Going to Trial Without an Attorney. Need

    Okay - a few questions.

    Why was this before the court assessor to begin with? With whom does the child currently reside, and where does North Carolina enter the equation?
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