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    My husband is from Morocco and Im a U.S citizen. He currently is in Morocco and in early November I decided to end the marriage. Since then my husband has made threats against me that if I dont stay with him he was going to do bad things. The threats have ranged from being physical to things like trying to file criminal charges against me. I did not really take the threats to heart as I know Ive done nothing illegal but recently he has decided per some advice from a third party that he has been a victim of spousal abuse. Now hes stating that if I dont stay married to him and allow him to obtain a visa through me that he would pursue filing the charges against me. He has teamed up with someone in Ohio who has claimed that she has a friend who is a city prosecuter and that together they have gathered enough evidence to prove the spousal abuse accusations and are preparing the needed documents my husband needs. I have two questions. First, how does filing charges against me happen because Ive looked and looked for the procedures and steps needed and Ive found nothing as of yet. Secondly, even though I feel confident that Im innocent and have very solid proof that Ive been on my best behavior my entire marriage I feel I need to know what I need to do to prepare myself for the worst.

    Now in my research and during calls made Ive actually been referred to domestic abuse hotlines as Ive been told based on the details Ive given that it seems that Im actually the one who is being abused emotionally. I wont elaborate too much but since Ive left my husband the threats have been both physical and criminal in nature and have been made almost daily. Im physically suffering as Im epileptic and having more seizures not than ever before and my weight has dropped extremely. I could go on but my husband is aware of my decline in health and Ive asked him to just give me some peace but Im going unheard. Also, hes made threats against people i know and when he cant contact me he tries to email and message everyone around me to the point I feel obligated to be in touch with him just to divert the attention from my friends and family. Im at the point where I feel like if I dont take some sort of action against him that hes going to continue to cause harm in any manner he can. Is it possible to file charges of harassment or something similar internationally?

    Note: Since he has become so aggresive and threatening I have limited contact to mostly emails and chat via Facebook so that everything is in writing. I have copies kept in raw form on the sites and Ive kept copies in a seperate location as Ive found that some attempts have been made to access my accounts.

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    Be strong and firm. You cannot be blackmailed into being in a marriage you don't want to be in. See a lawyer and go ahead with filing for divorce. Be honest with your attorney about whatever behaviors you've done that he is construing as abusive. Keep records of his threats of physical harm to you.

    If he is threatening physical harm to you, I would stop talking to him at all. Stop replying. Get an attorney and tell him to direct any questions or comments directly to your attorney.

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    Default Re: Divorcing a Person Living in Another Country

    Do NOT sponsor him.

    Do NOT.

    Because the financial ramifications can be DEVASTATING.

    Stop contacting him. Speak with a local attorney with regards to divorce, but stop contacting him.
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