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    Default Non-Medical Review and Bank Account Balance

    I was told during a Non-Medical Review that I don't need to send my statements. The field office worker told me they will verify with my bank that my balance is under $2,000.00. Since the Non-Medical Review goes back about 2 years will the bank review past monthly statments for SSA or will the field office worker get copies from them?

    Are there cases where they just look at a beneficiaries current balance and not do a "look back" ?

    And to answer anyone who thinks i am asking because I am hiding something, I'M NOT. I just want to know how the procedure works. Last time I had to make copies of 22 month sof online staments, this time I don't.

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    Default Re: Non-Medical Review and Bank Account Balance

    In the SSI non-medical review, SSI will request an electronic verification of the first of the month balance in your accounts for the past two years. They will also search for undisclosed bank accounts. They will not get copies of the bank statements which actually provide alot more information about hidden activity.

    Verification of the past depends upon how you answer questions, whether or not there are IRS alerts. But SSI can ask you to provide proof at any time so I would always save 24 months of bank statements.

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