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    Default Daughter in Law Won't Let Me See My Granddaughter

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: New York
    My granddaughter, grandson, son and daughter in law lived with me for 7 months, I had to ask them to leave because the daughter in law was not taking her psych meds and starting screaming at me. she is unstable. Now she won't let me see my granddaughter, I know I don't have anything to say about my grandson, he is not my son's child. But my granddaughter was in my house for 7 months, she is now 1 year old. I bought all there food, clothes, the whole time they were at my home. Currently, my granddaughter is living with her great aunt on my daughter in laws side, she is not even living with her, I want to know if I can have grandparents rights. That little girl means the world to me. I also would love to see my grandson, he has been a part of my life since he was 6 months old.

    My daughter in law is bi polar, she is fine when she takes her meds, she is not on them now. I receive texts daily from her yelling and screaming that i will never see my granddaughter. she has told my grandson, that my boyfriend, who my grandson calls beiba, is dead along with me. what happens when that little boy actually sees us in a store.

    My am scared for my grandson and granddaughter.

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    Default Re: Daughter in Law Won't Let Me See My Granddaughter

    What did you do to make her so mad?

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    Default Re: Daughter in Law Won't Let Me See My Granddaughter

    What does your son say about it?
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    Default Re: Daughter in Law Won't Let Me See My Granddaughter

    Given the very young age of the child, you're going to have a hard time convincing a court that visitation against the will of the parent is in the child's best interest. You might miss him terribly, but the court is concerned about HIM, and at under two years of age, the child doesn't perceive the world outside of himself the way an adult does. Note that mom AND the child lived with you, so that really is going to negate much in the way of claiming that you were the primary care taker (even if you may have been). The primary bond, for the court, is still going to have been mom.

    My am scared for my grandson and granddaughter.
    But then this...

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    I had to ask them to leave
    You may have some difficulty getting the court to feel the fear, given that you are the one who made mom take the child from under your roof. That'll tell the court that at some level, you believe mom perfectly capable of raising the child (or securing the assistance of others to do so). There may have been better approaches, PRIOR to simply putting them out, but those are largely moot now. Realistically your best option for visitation with your grandchild is likely going to come via your son, the father - and having visitation during HIS time.

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    Default Re: Daughter in Law Won't Let Me See My Granddaughter

    She is bipolar, they were smoking pot and drinking in my garage the night before, I know this because I came home from work at 230am and could smell it. The next morning I asked what time the baby was coming home and she went off on me, calling me names and shouting profanities, like the C word, I told her that I was not going to put up with it in my own home, and That I was not going to be disrespected also in my own home. so I told her if she didnt like it she could leave.

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    He doesn't say anything. I truly believe that he is afraid of her.

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    Default Re: Daughter in Law Won't Let Me See My Granddaughter

    Ok. I get it that she was unpleasant. But none of that has impact on your chances of getting court-ordered visitation. Kicking out mom predictably has the impact of kicking out the child. If the concern over being disrespected took precidence over keeping contact with your grandchild, then you had to do what you had to do, but all decisions have consequences, and the consequence here is that mom's behavior was intolerable enough that it has cost you access to your grandchild.

    Again, I'm not seeing where you have legal grounds to seek court ordered visitation. Work with your son, since he's really the only one with standing to seek that visitation.

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