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    Lightbulb Simple Battery Domestic Violence, What to Do to Drop Charges

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Louisiana
    Okay, last Saturday night my husband and I was involved in a situation which that resulted in my husband catching a charge on simple battery domestic violence. It was his fault the situation occoured, he did not hit me, nor choke me but he restrained me so I wouldn't hit him. The whole incident was fueled by "hesay, she say" and basically it was a lies by my husband and my baby daddy (oledst child father). Butsomeone lied to the police saying he choked me which it did not happen I had a gash on my shin and my thumb was bleeding and we had blood on our clothes from my thumb. The police took pictures of my bleeding shin and of his face and clothes he had no cuts bumps or bruises. I was the initial agressor in the situation when he lied to me I started swinging. But besides that, I see my actions were ignorant and I want to drop the charge, I love my husband and I know he loves me. I understand that the state has a no drop policy but when I go to court should I tell the court I was the agressor including what I told you all. If I fess up will they lock me up? Or if I don't show will they let him go free? He also has a probation hold due to this.

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    Default Re: Simple Battery Domestic Violence, What to Do I Want to Drop Charges

    If you admit to a crime, there is an excellent opportunity you will both be charged.

    If you fail to show up, you can expect to face other charges.

    With all the lying and yelling, who called the police?

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    Default Re: Simple Battery Domestic Violence, What to Do I Want to Drop Charges

    ... And what statements were made to the police at the time they responded. If your current story is true, why didn't either of you tell the police at the time of arrest that you were the aggressor. How did you end up bleeding from two locations if all your husband did was "restrain" you? Who is the third party who witnessed your fight and told the police you were being strangled, and why don't you believe that person is going to testify at trial?

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