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    Default Is Selling Counterfeit or Replica of Trademarked Items Illegal if You Hide the Logo

    Is selling counterfeit or replica of trademarked items illegal if the problem is covered up? If I were to buy a replica pair of beats by dre headphones and I sold them would it be illegal if I scratch out the company's logo. On each side of the headphones there is a trademarked artwork of the letter B, so if I were to remove this could I then sell said headphones. Also if I were to take a sharpie and scribble on the beats logo on the headband so that it could not be seen. I am assuming that if I destroy the properties that are trademarked the item is no longer a problem to sell.

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    Default Re: Is Selling Counterfeit or Replica of Trademarked Items Illegal if the Problem is

    This would all depend. If you have a single counterfeit item you wish to dispose of, unbranding it and not mentioning the brand when you sell isn't likely to be an issue. If you're talking about importing or buying wholesale counterfeit items with the idea that you could debrand them before putting them in the retail stream, you're still likely to get in as much trouble as if you didn't.

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