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    Default Struggling to Get Repairs Under a Used Car Warranty

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: South Africa, Cape Town

    We traded in our car for another second hand car. during the test drive the dealer notified us that there were problems but it will be fixed before we get the car.
    2 days after we got the car it started giving problems. We took it back, they said they will fix it. According to them they fixed it, we got it back, and the next day it started with its problems again!!!

    They had the car with them for quite some timetrying to fix it. when they fixed it, and started it at their workshop, the cambelt snapped and since then the car was never the same. They fixed everything (according to them), gave the car back and 2 days after the car wouldnt start SInce then they have not been able to get the car fixed.

    They have given us a loan car in the mean time, but since we "bought" the car we only had it in our posession for maybe 10days. It has to dat been 6months.

    They said they will look for another car for us, but what will happen to the deposit we put doewn on the car and all payments already made?

    What legal actions can we take?


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    Default Re: Dealer Sold Broken Car, Struggeling with the Warranty

    You need to ask on a forum where South African law is assisted with. This site is for US law only.

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    Default Re: Struggling to Get Repairs Under a Used Car Warranty

    You will need to address this issue with a forum, resource or lawyer that handles issues of South African law. This is a U.S. forum.

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