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    Default How Can You Learn the Status of Somebody Else's Probation or Parole

    I have a relative that completed a federal sentence for Murder 1 about 2 years ago. Recently he was convicted of two Class 2 Misdemeanor charges. He is now listed in the BOP as a resident of the Houston Federal Detention center with an unknown release date.
    He is incommunicado with the family thus the following assumptions are made. The misdemeanor charges are also Parole violations thus the resulting incarceration in the FDC. Since the release date is unknown, it is reasonable to state that he has yet to face a judge.
    Is there mechanism in which I can verify the above assumptions without going thru him?

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    Default Re: Obtaining Information W/O Going Thru the Inmate

    If he finished his sentence, he wouldn't be on parole. Further, parole is no longer an option for federal prisoners and hasn't been for a long time. So no, they aren't parole violations.

    Were the misdemeanors state or federal charges? If federal, and you stated he's already been convicted, then he stays there until the end of his sentence. If state, can't say why he's in a FDC.

    If there is no release date and he's already convicted, it's likely he hasn't actually been sentenced. If he was only recently convicted, it's possible that the sentencing hearing hasn't occurred for some reason or another.

    The court records should be public record, go to the courthouse and review them to see what's up.

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