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    Default Chiropractor Broke My Sisters Rib

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: California

    Here are the facts...
    My sister is a caretaker. She hurt her back on the job. She found out her employer lied to her about having Workmans Comp (that can be a whole other thread). That part aside, she has been seeing a chiropractor since she hurt her back (the past month). Her last visit to the Chiro was last week. She was lying on the table on her stomach, the chiro pushed on her back, did his thing in his normal manner, and POW, she was jolted with this excustiating pain, a pop, and a scream. She said I think my rib just broke...of course the chiro was telling her thats impossible, its probably this and that and after a bit, sent her on her way with instructions of things to do to relieve the pain when she got home.
    The pain never let up, she can hardly move without excruciating pain, its hard to breathe etc..she finally went to ER, got the same mumbo jumbo, still in a lot of pain 2 days later, she went to ER again and THAT ER Dr. said, without a doubt she has a broken rib. How the Chiro did this, is still a was definitely an accident. However, the "medical Dr. at the Chiropractor sight (who is the big wig on the premises) is being a total jerk: bad attitude, hostile, in denial, blames it on my sisters weight etc.
    Now my sister wants to sue...and to be honest, wants to sue NOW cuz the boss of the Chiro guy is being a total jerk.
    Where does my sister start? Or shoudl I say, for someone who doent have a job, no money etc, where should she start? Where can she get help for free or at a minimal fee?

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    Default Re: Chiropractor Broke My Sisters Rib

    Where does my sister start?
    Firstly, how is it that the first ER doc missed it? Didn't he order Xrays?

    Secondly, it's unlikely your sister has a case at all. She certainly doesn't simply because the chiro's boss is a jerk - being a jerk is poor bedside manner, not malpractice and not illegal. But also, when you sign up for chiropractic care, your informed consent documents typically disclose that there is the possibility that something (like a rib) might get accidentally broken, and you assume all liability for that.

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