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    Default Suing A Business Over An Employee's Misuse Of The Internet

    My question is: Do I have grounds to sue my husbands employer?

    My soon to be ex husband is the manager for the Tennessee branch of a Wisconsin based business. I learned that my husband had been spending his time at work sending and receiving sexually explicit emails. He has also paid to post listings on several internet sites such as - He has created many free internet based email addresses which he uses for these emails and he does this during business hours. He has posted a pictures on these sites of himself that were taken in his office. He has not used any discretion because anyone who knew him viewing these "profiles" can clearly see that it is him. The back ground of the pictures obviously proves where the photos were taken.

    One of these such profiles was sent to a relative of mine who alerted me to the situation. I confronted my husband and he admitted it as well as admitted he had been doing this for quite some time. He has used his time at work to arrange meeting people for the explicit purpose of having sexual relations.

    I also recently learned that from one of his employees that my husband was accused by a former employee of sexual harassment. I didn't know about any of this, but it seems like everyone else did. My embarrassment cannot reach a higher level. I filed for divorce and moved out. I have copies of many emails with the header information and IP addresses that prove he sent (and received) them from his office during business hours. He has also had to fly to WI several times for “business”, the company paid for it – I have emails confirming some of his extra marital affairs during those trips.

    Can I sue my husbands employer for providing the tools my husband used to cheat on me thus causing the break up of our home and family?

    I have tried to research this but haven't been able to find anything. Any help, advice or suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Business & Affair

    It is very unlikely that you have a viable claim, as your account does not indicate that your husband's employer has any duty to you, that it had any knowledge of the bulk of his activity, or provided him with any tools or resources other than those he required to perform his job. To be certain, though, you need to have your situation reviewed by a lawyer in your state.

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    Default nope

    Your employer didn't provide those tools for the purpose of doing what your husband did with them, so no.

    If you're looking for relief (compensation) for what your husband did, showing the proof in divorce court is likely to sway the judge your way.

    Depending on how many years you've been married, you could be entitled to alimony, benefits, a piece of the retirement benefits, etc.


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    Angry Re: Can a business be sued for an employee's misuse of Internet

    [B]I can understand that your emotions are running high after being treated like you were. This is what seems to be fueling your thinking at this time. When we are's easy to look for an escape goat. Just be thankful that it's over and you still have life,health and strength! Your husband made these choices himself and he abused his freedom at work as well as his relationship with you. Actually his foolish conduct will catch up with him sooner or later. Aids is a terrible thing to get. and no matter how safe he may try to be...greed usually make people become sloppy even in sexual misconduct. believe me Dear no one gets away with nothing1 time catches up with everybody.

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