My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Tennessee (Davidson County)

My ex and I have a 14 year old daughter and we are close friends. I have no issues allowing my child to see her father and our parenting plan does state that he can give his mother his scheduled time when he's not in town.

Recently, my ex became seriously involved and even moved in with a girl and her 5 year old child. Over time I learned that his girlfriend and her child are on the run from the childs father. Apparently he was abusive towards her and when he became abusive towards the child she made the decision to leave; however, I'm terrified that if my child visits, at her fathers home where the girlfriend and child resides, the ex will find her and my child will be put in immediate danger. I asked my ex if our daughter could stay at his mothers while she takes care of her business (getting a restraining order, etc.) and he complied for a while, but now he is insisting she stay at his home with the girlfriend.

Can I get a restraining order to keep the girlfriend away from my child for fear that wherever the girlfriend is her ex may find her and put my child in danger? If not, what are my options?