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    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Indiana

    I am negotiating with a potential employer about a job offer. The company will pay half of a blue cross healthcare plan and a Humana dental plan.

    Currently, I am still covered through my dad because of Obama's plan. Im only 23 so I can stay on this plan for another three years. My question: is a plan that's only half paid for considered an employer sponsored plan that makes me ineligible to be under my dad's insurance? Or since its only half paid by the employer can I opt out and stay under my dad's plan?

    Thanks in advance

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    There's actually no statement as to what share an employer must pay in an employer-sponsored plan. It's just a plan that provides medical benefits that the employer (or the union) offers to the employees outside of things like workman's comp or other accident coverage.

    But, under the Affordable care act, if the plan is offering dependent coverage, you can stay on the plan until 26 even if you DO qualify for your own employer-provided benefits.

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