After researching this I presented the information that I found to my supervisor
...and now you're mad because they took you seriously?

And second there are OSHA regulations that state that I cannot be MADE to work with these chemicals.
Citation, please?

It's clear that you don't want to hear this, but you don't have a pregnancy discrimination claim. What you have is a case of your employer wanting to cover their ass because you've kicked up a fuss about the chemicals you've been working with. They don't care about your pregnancy, they care about you not suing them for expecting you to do your job.

If you cannot perform your necessary job duties due to doctor's orders, your employer may reassign you to something you can do, if they can and are willing to do so, otherwise if they are covered under FMLA you may take your FMLA leave like anyone else taken out of work by their doctor.
She's not eligible for FMLA at this time, she only just started there 2 months ago.