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    Default Grounds for a Wrongful Termination Suit

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Michigan. I was employed for two months at a bookstore. I was hired to supervise 15 other cashiers and that was what I was told my job was. I had had no corrective actions written about me nor was I told I was doing anything wrong. The day after Christmas I was asked to go look at schedules and to make them but was taken to the other managers office where I was told that I was supervising my department too much and not helping the other departments even though they each have two supervisors where u was the only one in mine. I was told there was no discussion about this and that I needed to get my stuff and leave. I was told I was a disappointment and that them telling me this was to help me be a better employee at my next job. Is this a legal reason to terminate someone? This a family owned business but don't they have to do write ups and warnings?

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    Default Re: Grounds for a Wrongful Termination Suit

    Yes, this is a legal reason to terminate someone. NO business is required by law to give write ups or warnings unless a legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA expressly and in so many words says otherwise.

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    Default Re: Grounds for a Wrongful Termination Suit

    Agree, legal termination. In at-will employment you can be terminated at any time for any reason except a reason prohibited by law (ie age, religion, gender....) or unless you have a binding employment contract contrary to your termination. Write ups & warnings are not required unless a binding employment contract requires them.

    You need to look for other employment & apply for unemployment ins. The state will decide if you qualify for benefits financially & based on the reason for your termination.

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    Default Re: Grounds for a Wrongful Termination Suit

    I see no issue with the termination ... it sucks, sure ... but nothing wrong legally.

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