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    Default Contractor Left His Tools at Residence

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: California

    I hired a contractor to remodel my husbands workshop in exchange for our 1984 Welcraft fishing boat, no money involved. The start date was in October and the completion date was December 15th. He was subsequently arrested for trailer theft on December 12th and was only 1/3 of the way finished. His last day of work was December 10th. Since he was arrested, had lost his temper with Me about the job previously and hadn't completed the job by the due date my husband terminated our contract with him in am email dated January 3rd. We have since had other contractors look at the work and they state that what was done by him will need to be corrected to a much higher bid price now.
    He told us he was licensed which we verified but learned now that it was expired and that he had other complaints on him as well.
    When he left the last time, he left his tools and scaffolding at our house. I do not have his address just a phone number and email which I have used multiple times.
    How long do I need to hold onto his property? His employee calls me and wants to get the tools claiming some are his but I also feel he is owed money and I don't want to be responsible for there theft by him toward the contractor.

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    Default Re: Contractor Left His Tools at Residence

    If he's in jail, that would explain why he's hard to reach.

    His employee can presumably tell you where and how to reach him. Try asking.

    You have no legal right to hold the tools, and certainly have no legal right to sell them.

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