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    Default Can I Get My Underage DUI Dismissed with a Good Lawyer

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    Im 20 and I live in CA. I received a ticket the other night for speeding when I was just trying to get home as close to my curfew time as possible, so I was speeding. (89mph in a 65 freeway) I was at someones house earlier only drinking a little bit but by the time I had left I sobered up. I was then pulled over for the speeding and the cop asked if I had been drinking since it was late at night. I did 3 sobriety tests in which I did fine on the first 2(looking at his finger move and then walking with my feet infront of me). I took a breathalyzer test and it showed .05%. This is my first ever speeding ticket and 1st offense DUI if convicted. I want to know how I can get this dismissed because I want to go into nursing school within the next year and I absolutely cannot miss school or work. Both the speeding and alcohol charge were infractions. I will never do anything like this again.

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    Default Re: Can I Get My Underage DUI Dismissed with a Good Lawyer

    Discuss the facts with a drunk driving defense lawyer, providing a copy of the police report if you have it, and your lawyer will evaluate your case for possible defenses. If you are intent on beating the ticket, although you will pay for the privilege, consult a drunk driving defense specialist. We don't have the facts necessary to analyze whether or not you have legal grounds to obtain a dismissal, nor do we know what county is involved such that somebody here who is familiar with the county (assuming there is such a person) can comment on how the local courts and prosecutors handle underage DUI's.

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