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    Question Policy limits in personal injury litigation

    I was in an automobile accident in north carolina, can i get more than the policy limit of 30,000, or is that it with out going to court and can i get more in court statue of limitations run out on the 17th of october i have one week to settle just got our first offer on the 2nd of october and the lawyer said i would have too have a least 5,000 for court, was told too us on the 4th of october thankyou, woow what robbery from the lawyer and the insurance company, i guess they shit gold, this has been going on for three years and now he tells us we will need money, i dont want to settle before i find out if i can get more money out of these robbers, if you need more information i can give it, and i have lots more questions, will appreciate any info thank you, bill

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    Default Re: policy limits if matters

    Whether to accept policy limits usually depends on the value of your case (which in turn often depends on how strong a case you have on liability as well as the extent of your injuries) as well as the Defendant's assets available to satisfy a judgment if the judgment exceeds the policy limits. PI cases are normally taken on a contingency fee basis so it is unclear to me, absent some provision in your contract, why you are having to advance the attorney 5K at this point.

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    Default Re: policy limits if matters

    is that the way it is in north carolina thats what i thought but when we looked at the contract it doesnt say anything about court, i will ask the lawyer see what he sais, maybe thats why he is pushing me too settle, and sorry anyways about this post i put in two post by accident the other one is in more detail but anyone else with any input will certainly be appreciated

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    Default Re: Policy limits in personal injury litigation

    my mistake i read the contract and it does say i will have to pay all court cost and depositions, etc he said i would need the money for court if we dont settle this by the 17th of october, but never been through this before so i am new too that aspect, another question i have is does the lawyer get kick backs from the insurance company, why would he tell me too settle at 20,000 and now we are at 25,000 bargaining for 30,000, he said he would drop his percent down to 20% at 25,000, so why would he need the full 33% at 30,000 when he dropped his percent so low at 25,000, hmmm just wondering if he is getting something from the insurance on the side, i will use that sign of weakness like the insurance companies call it, as my next bargaining chip. thankyou for your time this has been a real eye opener

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