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    Default Does Shoplifting Go On Your Record

    Today i did the MOST HORRIBLE THING I've stolen $70 olloclip & $61 worth of items from target what are the consequences of my fist time getting caught? I Cooperated and everything I was honest I apologize immediately they told me to take every thing I stole out I fell into peer pressure (DON'T EVER SHOPLIFT ITS NOT WORTH GETTING CAUGHT AT ALL!) they didn't call the cops I was asked a few questions the let go when my step dad came How much is the fine? Will it mess up my chance of getting applied for? PLEASE I am 17 years old and this occurred In California will this also be on my permanent record?

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    Default Re: Does Shoplifting Go On Your Record

    As no police were involved, hopefully all you will receive is a Civil Demand from the stores. This will likely be addressed to your parents, and they will want to pay these immediately.

    If the stores do press criminal charges, you can likely have the record expunged when you turn 18. It can affect Financial Aid or scholarships for college.

    If charges are pressed, there will be court costs and fines, community service, and you could also be ordered to take an anti-shoplifting class (which may be a good idea anyway).

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