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    Default Breaking and entering/domestic violence

    Hi all. I have a few questions here before we go and blow a boatload of money on a attorney....

    My Nephew is 18 year male from Texas. He got charged with breaking and entering and 2 counts of domestic violence.

    Here is the situation....He is a silly kid in love with a woman. She left him and went to her mothers house. He then broke into the mothers house to talk to the girl...he ended up fighting with both of them...pretty much just verbally, but there was some contact. Nobody was hurt though. No bond was made and he was released and was told he will get a letter in the mail with a court date...

    My questions are many, but ill narrow them down;

    ~ What is the max penalty in the state of Texas for these crimes?
    ~ Given the circumstance involved, and the fact that there was no intent to burglarize, what is he looking at in your opinion?
    ~ Is it necessary for us to spend money on a good attorney, or is this something a public defender can handle?

    I am thinking since he is a young kid w/o a record, they will probably give him no prison time, maybe probation and or house arrest, but that is just a educated guess.

    Thanks to anyone who replies. Doesnt matter if you are a attorney or not, I need all the input I can get.

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    You can look up the exact charge(s) in the Texas Penal Code, to find out the maximum potential penalty. A B&E charge is a serious charge - he should consult a lawyer. He may be able to work out a decent plea bargain, particularly if his victims don't object. I'm not going to guess at a possible sentence, as I don't practice in Texas.

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    Thanks Aaron.

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