My question involves police conduct in the State of: Connecticut

Howdy, all!

So, I have a really bizarre question and I do apologize if this is the wrong subforum for this -- I couldn't quite figure out how to describe this as this is unrelated to any criminal investigation.

This morning, I got into a dispute with a gentleman on Facebook over gun laws (yeah, yeah, I know, waste of time). I don't know this guy, he's some random NRA advocate. My privacy settings are set to not display my phone number to anyone, not even to my friends. He started getting personal in the discussion, so I ended my conversation with him, which he continued by himself for another hour. (I was raised to not debate with someone who can't control themselves enough to stay civil.)

A couple of hours later, I get a phone call from a number I'm not familiar with on my mobile. I answer it, and it's this same guy, who proceeds to rant and then hangs up. Now, I know he lives in Connecticut and he claims he's a firearms instructor who either works for or with law enforcement. I live in Oklahoma.

It's kind of weird and if it's a cop who's using police resources to find my unlisted mobile number, then it really concerns me. Especially when he was pretty vocal about his love for guns.

What should I do here? lol Sorry to give such a bizarre question, I'm at a loss about this one. Thanks for any help/assistance/insight!