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    Default Driver Charged With Drug Possession After Passenger Was Caught With Drugs

    My question involves criminal law for the state of:Indiana

    My sister got a case involving herself and her friend of 3 years. My sister went to take her to her other friends house. Her friend got back in the car, they pulled off cops pulled up on the car. They get out, cops search car, no evidence, patted my sister down, nothing, patted her friend down, found cocaine on her. My sister is charged with class A felony but her attorney says they would play it down to a misdemeanor (guilty by association). My sister says she did not know what she went to go do or what she was carrying until got pulled over.

    But my sister says that isnt enough, she did not do anything that would had the suspicion in the first place, she was just the driving her friend to one of her friends house. She thinks she is getting the raw deal and that she thinks he attorney doesnt care about her case. My ? is should she ask abt an Alford Plea because she claims her innocence on this case or should she just take the plea of guilty by association. Her attorney has not answered any of her calls. Court date is right around the corner and she is worried.

    One more ?, what is the sentence or probation for guilty by association, if she decides to take it or go to trial which can cost her abt to 3 years of jail time?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Driver Charged With Drug Possession After Passenger Was Caught With Drugs

    If your sister wants a different attorney, there are a lot of criminal defense attorneys in the world - she can hire a different lawyer. I suspect there is considerably more to the story than what you have provided; a lawyer should review the facts and advise on the propriety of the traffic stop, detention and search, and charge.

    There is no such thing as a plea of "guilty by association." A guilty plea is a guilty plea.

    Three years in prison? If that's what they're talking about for simple possession, she must have quite a record....

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