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    Unhappy Does a Fiancée's Family Disapproval of Her Relationship Create 'Extreme Hardship'

    Immigration question about K-1 visa (fiance).

    I've never met her, it has been a virtual relationship for over a year now, not even remotely in doubt of the fact that there is love with the basis of a great future. I was wondering if the following would count as extreme hardship:

    Her family absolutely hates me because I am a christian American (They are conservative Muslim)and have condemned the relationship, and once she comes to me, that is it: She could not go back. I certainly as well, could never go visit her as I don't have a valid passport, nor funds, nor a place to stay and probably wouldn't be allowed anyway based on the fact (again) her family hates me. Basically it would be nearly impossible for us to actually meet under regular circumstances, and the only way she could come here is if she accepts the rejection of her family and leaves everything behind, and completely goes against their graces. Thus, if she was forced to go back home, she wouldn't have a place to stay and would be homeless. Same applies as to if I go there, essentially. They don't know we are still planning, and they won't know she is leaving until the day it happens.

    I'm not here for morality answers, it is a solid decision we both want, and I realize how crazy an idea it seems and don't care. She is tired of being oppressed and just wants to be with the man she loves, and doesn't want to live in an oppressive Muslim world any longer and doesn't believe in the faith she is having crammed down her throat daily.

    Just a straight legal answer as to if I could qualify this as extreme hardship as to why we were never able to have met.

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    Default Re: Would This Qualify As "Extreme Hardship" for K-1 Fiance Visa

    In a word, "no".

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