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    Default "Authorization to Obtain Information" Seems Excessive

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: California

    My storage unit was broken into, and my insurance company wants me to sign an authorization to obtain information, basically it gives them permission to get any and all information about me, regardless of whether it pertains to my claim, it allows them to release whatever information they want to to anyone, and it is good for one year. The SIU investigator became quite angry when I told him I wanted to read it over and think about it rather than just signing it, and insurance adjusters have the right to obtain whatever they need to investigate a claim anyway.

    Should I sign it?

    He also told me that "normal people don't get burglarized" - in fact he yelled it at me.

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    Default Re: "Authorization to Obtain Information" Seems Excessive

    If you don't want to cooperate with the adjustment of your claim, I expect that you will find that your insurance contract makes that a basis for the insurance company to deny your claim.

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    Default Re: "Authorization to Obtain Information" Seems Excessive

    Well, thats why i posted this thread, as it seems that the investigator is acting in bad faith, as evidenced by his statement that "normal people don't get burglarized" and the fact that he was yelling at me, so I am wary of giving him authorization to obtain whatever information he wants as he can then obtain and release information that is clearly not essential to the resolution of the claim. I am more than willing to cooperate, but i am not willing to give up my right to privacy. My policy declarations don't mention any authorization to obtain information, what it says is that I provide documents that they may require, and allow them to make copies of said documents.

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    Default Re: "Authorization to Obtain Information" Seems Excessive

    UPDATE: So the adjuster told me that the reason that they need this authorization was to obtain my credit report. So I sent them authorization to obtain my credit report. They havent asked for any other authorization, so im assuming that is all that they needed.

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