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    Default Lawyer Lied About What He Could Accomplish

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California
    So I used to a lawyer to take care of my dui problems a couple years back.
    I knew absolutely nothing about DUIs and I was paranoid about everything at this time.
    This lawyer told me that he knew a lot of loopholes.
    He told me that I wont have a single time when I wont be able to drive. He told me he would send in
    a letter to the court. I cant remember what he called it, but during my suspension time that letter
    would take effect and I would be able to drive.
    He also told me that he knew a way that I can have non-dui insurance.
    He called a company and he set up two insurance accounts for me and in that way the dui would not
    show up on my records. I wasnt sure how that works, but he told me it was a loophole that only he knew. ..
    He also told me that he can expunge the DUI from all my records in three years. He said this is so easy LOL

    What can I do about this guy?

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    Default Re: The Lying Lawyer

    step 1: get help for your drinking problem

    step 2: file a complaint against this guy with the state bar association. a lawyer should not be advising you to commit insurance fraud

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