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    Default Person Who Files Restraining Order Makes Threats to Person Served with the Order

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: California

    I have a close family friend who is a Juvenile, let's call her Girl A. Girl A and another girl, Girl B, got into a physical altercation, I don't know all the details.

    Girl A was charged with Misdemeanor Assault of Girl B, Girl A served a sentence of 60 days in Juvenile Detention, and is currently on a court ordered ankle bracelet. Girl B has filed a restraining order against Girl A.

    Girl B is threatening Girl A over the phone and through text-messages. Girl B has somehow obtained the phone numbers of Girl A's younger siblings, and she is threatening them as well. Girl A just got a new job, and Girl B showed up at her work and threatened Girl A in front of her employer. Girl A has gone to the police station, but she was told to "just ignore her".

    I try not to believe what kids say too much, because the story is usually in their favor. I have seen several of the threats that Girl B has made to Girl A, and I feel that something is fishy when the supposed victim is making threats to the offender.

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    Default Re: Person Who Files Restraining Order Makes Threats to Person Served with the Order

    Girl A can report the harassing emails, calls, and texts to the police as violating PC 653m. Girl A can be arrested if she chooses to reply to any of them as she could be in violation of any existing Civil Harassment order. And, if the harassment is placing her at fear for her safety, then Girl A can seek a civil harassment order against Girl B, too.

    Both these girls need to grow up and simply leave each other alone.
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