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    Default How Much is a CHP Inspection Fee

    My question involves vehicle maintenance laws for the State of: California
    I got a parking ticket for an expired registration tag. After I got the current tag, I plan to go to Calif Highway Patrol for them to sign off the correction. Are they currently charge for the service? (I went to their web site but could find nothing.) I could have called but I don't want to wait on the line. How about the L A County Sheriff? Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Chp Inspection Fee - How Much

    Don't think they charge (yet), but there's a fee ($25 or so) for the court to dismiss the corrected violation.

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    Default Re: Chp Inspection Fee - How Much

    The ticket says "CVC Sections ... 5204 require vehicle inspection ... Additionally, if the violation is corrected and signed off, the fee for this violation will be reduced to $10. ..." So I guess I don't need to go to the court and pay $25 or so, right? Just the CHP/Sheriff inspection fee, if any, plus $10 for the fine?

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    Default Re: Chp Inspection Fee - How Much

    Sheriff/PD may charge for inspecting any vehicle and issuing a certificate of correction for a correctable violation (last I checked this was $15 but may have gone up). CHP does not charge for this service.

    Once you get the citation signed or a correction certificate issued (and after paying whatever fee the agency requires), it would depend on who issued your citation. If it was issued by law enforcement (police/sheriff/CHP) as a moving violation, then you will have to provide proof of correction to the court, pay a $25 administrative court fee and the citation will be dismissed. You can do this by mail or in person although I would caution against conducting ANY court matter via the mail. Personally, I prefer walking in with my form/correction in had, and walking out with proof that it was handled by me and entered into the system by the clerk.

    Alternatively, if the citation was issued by parking enforcement, then the procedure varies from one agency to another, with one thing in common between all: you don't have to go to court to submit the correction. You would submit that to the agency that cited you.

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