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    Default Boss of Supervisor Accused of Harassment Canceled Worker's H.R. Appointment

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: New York

    Myself and two other colleagues have felt harassed by one of our colleagues. We work in different departments (but we all have to work with this one person who is not our boss) and have we have each gone to our direct bosses to complain. Nothing changed. After an incident yesterday I finally decided to go to the Human Resources manager to file a complaint. That was yesterday.

    This morning, the three of us decided to all go together as a group to the HR manager and we made an appointment with her. About an hour before the appointment I got a phone call from the boss of the person who has been harassing us. She said she cancelled our HR appointment because she is also the boss of the HR manager and she can do that.

    Is this legal?

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    Default Re: Is It Legal for the Boss of My Harasser to Cancel My Hr Appt

    In and of itself it is legal. However, while you don't have legal recourse for the appointment-cancelling, you still may have recourse for the harassment. If the harassment you and your coworkers are experiencing is a direct result of things like your race, gender, religion, age and or disability, then it's probably illegal harassment, and you may feel free to file a claim with the EEOC.

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