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    Default Wife of Deployed Soldier is Pregnant From an Affair

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: Washington

    I am currently deployed to Afghanistan (2012-2013), at the beginning of 2012 I deployed and halfway through my deployment my wife of 12 years wanted a divorce and started seeing someone else. Now we are currently working on getting back together, even though she is now pregnant with this guys baby. He too is in the Army and wants his rights as the father, which I just want out of our lives 100%. I know most states say that the paternity of the child can't be questioned by this guy due to my wife and I being married. Is this still true due to the fact that I was out of the country when she got pregnant? Can I just sign the birth certificate and be done with this guy, with no help or child support?

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    Default Re: Us Soldier in Afghanistan, Wife Now Pregnant with Another Mans Baby

    It's actually the opposite - in most States, the biological father can absolutely challenge the husband's paternity. It's only a handful of States (PA is one, for example) where an intact marriage creates a rebuttal to any such challenge.

    I'm sorry, but if he wants to be Dad the court will allow him at least a chance.

    (Thank you for your service, by the way)

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    Default Re: Wife of Deployed Soldier is Pregnant From an Affair

    I can't wait for his court martial under UCMJ for this.

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