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    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Virginia
    I am the custodial parent for my son. I have primary care of my son who lives with me. I also have visitation rights with my son's sister as I had raised her thinking she my my bio child while married. I have recently had a court hearing about 5 months ago in order to relocate outside the US. I was granted relocation with my son to Spain. My son's mother 3 years before my relocation had moved to Texas and the visitation order was set that if I wanted visitation with my son's sister I was to pay for the travel from Texas to VA and the same with my son's mother for her visitation with our son. Now I'm currently remarried we both work for the US Government. My child's mother is to have visitation during x-mas and also time during the summer as per court ordered. I'm to fly my son back and forth to the state of VA via MAC flight (government flight that runs 3 to 4 times a month and is also free). Even though it is free the only problem is it takes about 30 days to get a seat for the flight to VA. I have to fly to VA. Then from VA my son's mother is to make sure travel is arranged from VA to Texas. My child's mother has made it clear many times in the past and also after this last hearing refuses to talk to me about visitation and also refuses to co parent. She also has denied me for 2 years summer visitation with my son's sister. Filing a contempt for her denying visitation and waiting for a court date. Two different court orders.

    The new court order is not filed yet and yes it has been about 5 months from the court hearing. I do have a copy of the judges ruling but that is it at this time.

    I know what the visitation plan is but hear is my question. If my son's mother does not request visitation as in anything that has to do with dates, times, or even about letting me know she plans on exercising her visitation rights until a week before X-mas visitation as it is known that it requires planning to setup flights in advance for my MAC flights. I had no idea what so ever that she was going to request visitation for X-mas until today for next week. The Courts also know that it is too expensive to have to keep buying round trip tickets from Spain to VA and to also having to buy them the day before. She has had months and weeks to communicate to me about visitation.

    Also when I explained to my son's mother that I need at least 30 days advance notice to setup travel she then told me that I am to pay for the travel to Texas. She is trying to tell me that I have to provide travel for the entire trip which is not true at all. She is always causing problems with visitations and then trying to turn it around as my fault. She even told me today that she didn't need to ask me as I was to have already bought the tickets and all she was to do was pick my son up at the airport in TX with no communication about dates and times or that she even wanted visitation.

    I don't know what to do about this situation as I feel that I was not given enough time to plan the travel required for this visitation and then to lie to me about paying for the entire travel.

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    Update.. I have requested that she pays the cost of the travel expense due to her not requesting in advance and also her refusing to communicate with me about visitation.

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    If you know that she is to have Christmas Vacation why didn't you already make the flight arrangements? Why did you feel it necessary for her to say something to you before you obeyed the court orders? Does she have a habit of not taking her visitation?

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    Sounds like she's mad that you have a service that allows you to travel for free and she doesn't. If she waited too long to arrange plans then, that could be her loss. I'd look into it with your lawyer. I know that in Indiana we have to make plans two weeks ahead of time to accommodate for work if the children are staying longer than the weekend. A 24hr notice for changes as to pick up and drop of times and location. Not sure how it works for long distance travel.

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    That may be part of your court orders, but the Indiana guidelines do not require making plans ahead of time for extended visitation. The guidelines spell out the extended visitation very precisely.

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