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    Default Accused of Obtaining Utilities in Somebody Else's Name, but Acted With Permission

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Georiga

    I received a message from an old friend that lived with me and my kids in 2010/11 while living with me she helped me out by putting the water bill in her name that I would solely responsible for since she had not source of income at the time. She stayed with me at the house for some time and decided to move out after getting her ID, food stamps, employment information, school loan papers and other mail to my address. 3 months ago I moved out of the residence after 4 years and informed her 2 weeks prior to the move that she needed to forward her mail since her mail mail was never forward after leaving, she agreed. the bill became out of hand for me to pay due to leaks within the house, hence a balance that is owed. the agency is contacting her and now she has threatened to press criminal charges on me if I don't pay the bill. she has used my fear of my previous legal issues as a fear tactic.

    I haven't responded to her email message. I am really scared that she will be granted a warrant for my arrest since I've been in trouble before. Not sure how to proceed. I keep getting advice that I should ignore it since she was a resident at the location of the bill and that it can be proved by the mail that has been received for nearly 2 1/2 years. Others have told to me seek advice from an attorney which I can't afford a consultation at the moment. I cannot afford to lose my kids with no where to go, with this looming over my head....HELP.

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    Default Re: Utility Bill

    What you describe pretty much does not fall into the category of a crime. It's not like you victimized her somehow. You simply did not, or rather stopped, taking care of an agreed upon obligation. She may have a basis for a civil suit, but not anything criminal. Your past criminal history is pretty much irrelevant regarding what you describe.

    The fact that she was a resident, had the utility in her name, and continued her mail even after moving out most likely will not bode well for her disputing the outstanding balance with the utility company.

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    Default Re: Accused of Obtaining Utilities in Somebody Else's Name, but Acted With Permission

    Can you document that she agreed to allow you to open the account in her name?

    If you can end the problem by paying the bill, how about paying the bill?

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