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    Default Trying to Reunite with My Son

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Kentucky

    I am a Mother who lost custody to her child due to bad choices, and mental health issues. I am now in a position where I have undergone over a year of therapy, however, the court ordered a Psyciatrist to exam me, my ex, his new wife and the child concerned. I evidentaly did not meet the Psychiatrists standards to be able to have physical visitation with my child alone yet. I have accepted her information on as to why she felt is am incapable, however I have been granted supervised visitation with a therapist. My child lives in TN and our case is in KY due to our divorce. I have been ordered to get another full year of Therapy, a Psychologist, Drug Therapy, and Anger Management. I am in the process of getting it all set up and am fully willing to undergo whatever means I need to for Me, and to get the appropriate help I need for me to get the opportunity to some day within the next year be able to have my child for visitation with me at my home. What I am concerned about is the Supervised visitation does not stipulate how long these supervised visits will be. I live in Indiana and the child lives in Tennessee, so I will be driving around 6 to 7 hours monthly to do these supervised reunification visitation visits and not sure where and how I will establish unsupervised visitation. I can not afford an attorney, and the attorney I had I don't feel stood behind me enough to fight the case for me. I am now in a position to where I will have no choice but to represent myself. Does anyone have legal or cases that may be somewhat similar to mine that I can read on educate myself, so I can understand what my legal stand point will be in one year on what direction I can go legally? I am not fighting for custody, I just want visitation for now and am not sure what my legal stand point is since this entire case went A wall after a full year of me in therapy trying to do what is right. Someone please advise. HELP

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    Default Re: Trying to Reunite with My Son

    When did the child move to Tennessee? I doubt your case will be heard in KY now, with neither parent(s) nor child living there. It's far more likely you'll have to travel to Tennessee. When you're there presenting your case, bring up your concerns with the judge. The judge will more than likely work out something reasonable as to the supervised visitation.

    Unless a source is cited, anything posted here by me is only my opinion, and is not meant as legal advice.

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