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    Default Human Rights for Victims of War

    I'm koula and i'm a victim of Arabian gulf war in 1991.
    Here i want to hear from judges or lawyer about a solution i can take to solve my situation over where i live now,
    I'm a student in legal studies i want an expert to answer me!
    Is it legal for the Government to use the crimes in its policy?

    My father left Iraq to Kuwait looking for work to live in 1956 and now my family "brother and sisters with our old mother" live in Kuwait but we still hold the Iraqi passport Kuwait Government refused to reward my family the Kuwaiti citizenship. During the Iraqi invasion against Kuwait in 1990, my brother was fighting with the Kuwaiti resistance the Kuwaiti soldiers against the Iraqi invasion, because my family decided to stand beside Kuwait But after the Gulf war of the Kuwait liberation in 1991, suddenly the Kuwait government cheated my family, they fired my father from his work because he is Iraqi, they also killed my brother then they burnt his body and hid the truth without giving us our rights!

    Kuwait government refused to set my family free or let us move or fly outside the country, they didn't give us our human rights since 1990, i can't even go to see a doctor or to go to school and study, we live with our old mother without any sources of our natural human rights, the Kuwaiti law is killing us every day, i hardly learn English by myself just to let the world hear my voice and help me to stop this unfair treatment, i have facts and documents from Kuwaiti courts but they don't obey the law! Now the Kuwaiti government obliges us to move to Iraq but we refused because they have no right to do so! Also we have our issues at courts here and don't finish yet Kuwait government stopping me from writing on the net and they follow me everywhere I go, even when I go to the supermarket, my case is special and the only one in this country I want from Kuwait law to set my family free and give us our rights What can I do and how to deal with the government? I want a way out I want a peace and solution for both my family and Kuwait government.

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    Default Re: Human Rights for Victims of War

    We already discussed this in length on another site. I am sorry about what happened to your brother, however, the Geo Political politics in your section of the globe a fragmented and self serving. We, as infidels, have little power there.

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    Default Re: Human Rights for Victims of War

    International law does not mean "foreign law". You have a Kuwaiti legal issue you should discuss with a Kuwaiti lawyer. As your question does not implicate the United States in any way, and this is a U.S. forum, we cannot help you.

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