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    Question For a good credit score is it better to have debt "in good standing" or lower debts

    After checking my credit reports for my wife and myself, I found an almost maxxed out $5000.00 credit card account on both that actually belongs to my mother. The payments have all been made on time so it shows in good standing but is that less important then having a better debt to income ratio?

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    Default Re: For a good credit score is it better to have debt "in good standing" or lower deb

    debt to income ration isn't a factor in your score, the CRA's don't keep up with how much you make. they do track balance to credit limit ratio, in which case lower is better. under 30% being best. any particular lender will probably consider your debt to income ratio if you apply for a loan, because you have to tell them how much you make.

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