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    Default Can You Expunge a Marijuana Possession Conviction

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: Virginia

    I am 21 years old, about to graduate with my Bachelors in Criminal Justice from a 4 year University in Virginia. During my Sophomore and Junior year I received two possession of marijuana charges. The first one was getting ready to be expunged after I completed VASAP until I received another one, so I pleaded guilty to both and now have TWO Class U Possession of Marijuana charges on my record.

    My question is: How can I go about getting these charges sealed or expunged from my record?

    I no longer live or work in Virginia. I am currently trying to find normal level jobs in the Maryland area as I finish my degree, (such as Walmart or Gas Station Cashiers) and I am getting denied employment because of these misdemeanors.

    Also, will these charges hurt me when I apply to begin my masters and for financial aid?

    P.S.- Today is November/2012, I received the 1st charge in Feb/2011, and the 2nd in June/2012 so they are really only a little over a year old.

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    Default Re: Can You Expunge a Marijuana Possession Conviction

    See Virginia Statutes, Sec. 19.2-392.2 - I'm not seeing a way to expunge a conviction unless you first obtain an absolute pardon based on your having being convicted of a crime you did not commit.

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    Default Re: Can You Expunge a Marijuana Possession Conviction in North Carolina?

    I have a possession of less than half oz. of marijania in one county and a shoplifting charge in another. Both at a little over 6 yrs. old. I paid all fines and completed all unsupervised probation. I checked at my local courthouse and was told they can not help me in any way. I would like to know where to look for the statutes or forms to handle this myself. I can't afford a lawyer.
    I recectly completed state registration for CNA1 and these charges are keeping me for gainful employment. Any information you can give me, would be greatly appriciated. Thank you and God bless.

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    Default Re: Can You Expunge a Marijuana Possession Conviction in North Carolina?

    Since you got convicted a 2nd time it screwed up the diversion program, Virginia is very strict in general once your convicted of a misdeamaor idk if expungment is possible. Especially with 2 convicted,I'm sorry to say your stuck with them . Even if you got a lot of money for a lawyer I doubt that would help.

    Just work thru it,at least it's only 2 misdemeanor conviction,the more time past since the last conviction that better it looks. A lot people would feel i'm wrong but for lower level jobs it can be worth a shot to lie and say you no criminal records. I had friends work at 8-10 hr jobs,they put no and was hired. A place like walmart is gonna be strict with a drug charge,if it was a different misdemanor I think they might of gave you a chance.

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