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    Default My Wife and Her Mother Own the House We Live in, Can She Kick Me Out Without Evicting

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Pennsylvania . I live with my wife and her mother, we are about to get a divorce, can she legally kick me out with out giving me and type of eviction notice or notice to leave. Also, even though I am non violent and have never hit her, can she put a restraining order of some sort on me to where I have to leave without legal eviction by law? I have not been working at my job and need more than a week to get out is the whole issue at hand. Thanks

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    Default Re: My Wife and Her Mother Own the House We Live in Can She Kick Me Out with Out Evic

    Legally Mom needs to evict you.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing really stopping you wife from filing for a temporary restraining order which essentially amounts to the same thing - you'd be barred from returning to the premises.

    It happens all too often.

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