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    Default Accused of Forging the Cosigner's Name

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California

    Here is a break down of cosigner's argument:

    email 1 from cosigners brother: admits that they knew x was a cosigner " i guess you didn't pay your loan and since he was your cosigner, he got the remaining balance"

    email 2 from cosigners brother :"u did fraud"--he never signed and i stole his information and used it to get loans approved

    email 3 from cosigner brother: "we wont make a payment, loan is due this month" and "Idk how he is your co-signer"

    final email from cosigner brother: x called fraud department and told them that he never authorized me to put him down as a cosigner, and he also filed a police report. his argument 1) i knew his ssn 2)i used electronic signature 3)i opened a fake email under his name using hotmail so i could get the paperwork and sign electronically

    My evidence that he is lying: 1) first email clearly shows that they are aware that x is a cosigner because they are emailing me to take care of late payments. 2) my loan is not due until 2014 (see loan repayment file) 3)i didn't make a fake email to sign electronically; the email used in the application was my personal email (see loan MPN file) and I have proof from my older loans with sallie mae where i used the same email. 4) the application does not show any wrong information; everything is correct, including his address (people who commit fraud do not use the persons real address because they don't want to get caught) 5) i have proof that he still resides at that address and that he opened a business at that address (see files) 6) i also have proof that the revoked business he opened is a mortgage company; meaning, he was well aware of his credit report as he constantly sold and bought houses with his credit under his mortgage company. 7)it has been 5 years since the loan was approved

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    my question is: what more can i do to prove my innocence and how does he prove i committed fraud?

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    Default Re: Accused of Forging the Cosigner's Name

    Why would you believe the cosigner's brother has anything relevant to say, let alone anything that could bind the cosigner?

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