My question involves business law in the state of: Michigan

I was an independent contractor performing janitorial work for a large janitorial contracting company servicing some large retail stores. The company who contracted me is out of New York, but I am in Michigan. I had 6 accounts, all cleaned at the same time in the morning, so I had a worker doing the work at each store. Long story short, I only worked with this company for 17 days, but the amount they owe me is in the $4000 range. My contract states that I will not be paid until the contracting company had been paid by the customer, which they have. I was told to contact an administrative secretary for payment. We were in contact by phone and email for several weeks, and I was told it would be 4-6 weeks to receive my payment. After 8 weeks, I tried contacting the secretary again. After several emails and phone calls went unanswered to the administrative secretary, the regional manager email me and said she is not responsible for handling payment and she won't be returning any of my calls and emails. I then asked the regional manager in 3 separate emails, "who is responsible for paying me then"? I later verified that it was the regional manager himself who was the one who needed to authorize the pay. The problem is that he is ignoring me, will not answer any phone calls, texts, or emails. I've called the company attorney, we spoke briefly and he said he'd look into the matter, and never called me back. I then sent an email to the company attorney as well as the president of the company, with no response.

It's pretty clear that they are just trying to give me the runaround and don't have any intentions of paying me. What are my options here? I've already tried contacting a few local attorneys who handle business law and never got a call back from them either!