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    Default Verbal Agreement to Sell a Car to a Friend

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Texas

    Stupid me, trying to help a friend, told them I'd sell my Jeep to them if they would just take over the payments. They took the vehicle as their daily driver. They made one or two payments, but then I've made the last three as the loan is in my name. The title and registration are still in my name. Can I demand the keys back? If they refuse and take it can I report it stolen? What can I do to get the car back?

    Thanks all!

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    Default Re: Verbal Agreement to Sale a Car to a Friend

    You cannot report it stolen because it isn't. Doing that could get you into all sorts of trouble. The car is yours. You have a title to prove it. You should have kept a set of keys for yourself but since you didn't, go ahead and demand the keys. If they won't relinquish them, either hire a tow truck to pick up the vehicle or plan on going to court and suing for the return of the vehicle.

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